• A note about the origin of the location’s name: Petanous. It is said that it is derived from the Greek words of Peta (to fly) and Nous (Mind). It is meant to convey the emotion one feels while admiring the bay from high above.
  • The site consists of two luxurious, semi-detached units of 120 square meters each (“Mestos’’ and ‘’Levantes’’). Each unit can comfortably welcome and pamper four guests each.
  • Two studios of 60 square meter equal in luxury, privacy, and comfort to the bigger units ("Korrali" and "Halkes").
  • The beautifully groomed gardens also surround a large, sparkling fresh water swimming pool (12×5 meters).

Elli’s Villas

is a warm and welcoming place created with passion and care for the location and with full respect for the environment.

The location offers a very special and unique eagle’s view overlooking the bay of Petanous on the west side of the island. From this vantage point one can enjoy the most beautiful, breathtaking sunsets.


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1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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